Lists: Day Thirty One and OVER!

Raw and Casey

Casey and I decided a couple of weeks ago that we were going to Sumo for Raw's birthday.

I also said we should go to a movie and Casey flipped out and went off for about twenty minutes about how he hates movies. "You're going to one because it's her birthday and she likes movies!" I told him. I swear he's such a baby.

I thought Raw would be excited but she surprised me.

"I don't want to go to Sumo!" I was speechless. She had to be joking! "I want to go to the place where Sumo used to be."

I was flabbergasted and I think my face was expressing something more along the lines of revolt because Raw tried to defend herself. "I want sushi."

"Sumo has sushi! Sumo has awesome sushi!"

Raw looked a little sad and explained that this new place, Ichiban, was supposed to be like Sumo but on a smaller, quicker and most likely less busy scale. I rolled my eyes and we ended up moving on to a different subject.

On my way home, I realized what a brat I was. If she didn't want to go to Sumo, we would go wherever she wanted! What was wrong with me? I swear, I'm such a baby!

I called her up. "I'm sorry. I'll totally go wherever you want! It's your birthday!"

"Good. Because I already have gift certificates."

Saturday was the big day and Raw was "Free of Children," so there were five things she wanted to do.

1. Get coffee
2. Go Shopping
3. Eat Sushi
4. Go to a Movie
5. Get a Drink

There were a couple of things on the list that we could lump together. We got Starbuck's on the way to the mall. Raw and I sat in the back of the van and made Casey drive us around. Which was great fun for me.

Driver!  *Clap Clap*

*Clap! Clap!* "Driver! Take us to the mall!"

We all ended up buying shoes at the mall. Raw and I bought the cutest shoes ever. No. Seriously. Look at those. Adorable, right?

No seriously.  Cutest Shoes Ever.

Yeah. So we now have matching shoes. Like as if we were five years old. I also got a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt.

After the mall, we headed over to Target, which was awesome. Raw and I tried on sunglasses for about half an hour. I liked the ones I picked out so much that I wore them around the store--tags and all.

We headed over to Ichiban, hungry and worn out from the shopping. we were hoping to take care of the sushi and the drink at the same time. Ichiban had other ideas.

They were out of several things we wanted.

1. Liquor

2. Beer
"What can I get you to drink? No beer or liquor. It's expired."
I'm assuming she meant the liquor license.

3. Spring rolls.
"I'm sorry! That's the one thing we don't have that's listed on the menu. I don't know why they still have it there!"

4. Gyoza
"I hate to tell you this, but they just told me that we're out of the gyoza!

Luckily, they weren't out of sushi. That could have been a big problem. I thought it was pretty good sushi. Not as good as Sumo, but . . . The atomic rolls were the perfect amount of spicy. And I ordered one that was a surprise. I think it was called Akuma or something. It came out all warm because they fried the whole roll before slicing it. Pretty tasty!

We didn't think we'd have proper time to get to the movie, so we decided to extend Raw's birthday by a day. We scheduled a trip to the theatre for Sunday, which left us more time for drinking on Saturday!

Not that we drank much. But it doesn't take much for Raw these days. Three beers and she's silly.

Well, silliER.

Graceful Raw from Aunt Bee on Vimeo.

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