Lists: Day Thirty


I'm usually pretty good at buying presents.

They usually just pop out at me as I'm wandering store aisles or perusing the internet. Usually, it's way before I actually need to have a present. Casey's birthday isn't until the end of May and I've had his present for a week, now.

I'm afraid all that good luck is at an end. Raw's birthday was Saturday and I didn't have her full gift lineup until Thursday. And I wasn't satisfied!

I got her
*A Crest SpinBrush Pro Recharge
*Three fifty meter packages of dental floss
*Replacement heads for the SpinBrush

Yeah. I'm totally not kidding. Lamest present ever, right?

It's not like I came up with it all by myself. I told Raw a few weeks ago that I was having trouble finding a present for her.

"I want a Crest SpinBrush toothbrush with replaceable heads."

"And so it will be."

But how could I just get her a toothbrush. For weeks, I searched all over, trying to find something cool to get. I was going to get her the Nike + iPod Sport Kit, but found out you have to have the shoes, too.

"Here's your present! I bought the cheap part! Now you get the shoes! Happy Birthday!"

I even thought about giving her a hundred dollar bill, but cash is so tacky . . .

Instead, I freaked out and just stocked up on dental care products. If it's clean teeth she wanted, clean teeth she would have!

As she was opening her presents, I sulked. "I'm sorry it's such a lame present."

"Are you kidding? It's awesome!"

I'm thinking maybe toothbrushes are cool to give as presents. So now everyone's getting one for their birthday! Go clean teeth!

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