Lists: Day Twenty Nine


I mentioned before that I subscribed to Paste Magazine and enjoyed it. I'm on my third issue and totally obsessed.

I feel kind of bad. I didn't even know what the magazine was when I subscribed. I saw a link on the internet that allowed you to subscribe by paying what you wanted. I subscribed with five bucks. Had I known how brilliant it was, I would have sent more. At least another fifty cents!

What makes the magazine so great?

1. I can read the album reviews and know if I'm going to like the CD.

. . . inspires awe at how deftly the band employs bells, organ swells, orchestral flourishes and stacked, co-ed "oohs" and "aahs" for instant indie pop bliss.

No thanks!

2. The articles vary from ice cream trucks to how a person could attend over thirty music festivals in a season to living in Germany.

"Yes, America should be better parents to the world!"
"How do you answer to that, Hollis?" she'd say, as if I needed to answer anything.
But I tried anyway, pointing out that if they think we're such bad parents maybe they should just goddamn grow p and move out of the house.

3. The layout and artwork actually fit the content.
Especially now that they just re-designed it.

4. They like Yo Gabba Gabba!

5. The CD.

Each issue comes with a CD full of tracks by artists featured in the album reviews and elswhere. The first CD I received started off with Radiohead, so of course I loved that one

I've been pretty obsessed with the second CD. Particularly these songs:

"Pretend" Shelby Lynne
"Mockingbird" Allison Moorer

This month's CD is full of good stuff, too. I had this song on repeat for awhile:
"Changing Your Mind" Bob Schneider

The first couple of minutes really hit me and had meaning for me. But then it turned into a total break-up song. And then there's the end with the werewolf. I don't understand that part.

This is the song I'm taking to heart, now.

"Hideaway" The Weepies

I made a Muxtape for you, so you can have a listen yourself.

Yes, John Doe. This does help to confirm your theory that I like whiny voices.

ps--This song isn't on any of the CDs but this is my favorite Bob Scheider song:


fuquinay said...

"World Exploded" is on I'm Good Now.

And Bob doesn't have a whiny voice. It's just for effect in that one song. ;-)

fuquinay said...

Oh, I couldn't tell which song you were saying wasn't on a CD. "Changing Your Mind" is on the When the Sun Breaks Down on the Moon, his newest.