Lists: Day Twenty Two

Food Line

I've told you a time or two about how people enjoy "food days" where I work.

It's starting to get insane. Our team is supposed to have one monthly. We have them for birthdays. When people have babies. When new team members join us.

And of course February was Black History Month. How did we celebrate? That's right. Food Day.

We got an email a couple of weeks in advance, announcing the department-wide event. "Bring food from your culture."

What were some of the suggested dishes?

1. Cornish Hens
2. Sweet Potato's*
3. Mashed Potatos* with Gravy
4. Biscuits
5. Beans
6. Cornbread
7. Yellow Cake
8. Barbecue Chicken

Too bad I missed it.

*Their misspelling.

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