Special Holiday Only for Me


As I've mentioned before, I didn't like Casey when I first met him.

Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened if I had expressed my dislike to Sarah. What if I had managed to talk Sarah into getting rid of him.

I wouldn't have long text message conversations late at night. I would have missed out on a ton of good times and laughter. I wouldn't have two beautiful goddaughters. I'd be short one old best friend.

Luckily, I changed my mind about Casey and we have been great friends for a third of my life. I love him like family.

Today, Casey turns thirty. Where has the time gone? It really feels like we should be laughing, having a drink and toasting his twenty-first.

I guess all our elders were right, your thirtieth really isn't any different than any other birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jack!

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