S.O.S. Please


I'm seriously slacking.

I have been really busy lately, so that maybe partially excuses my slack. But I haven't been so busy that it would explain my worthlessness:

I haven't been updating the movies and books. I haven't even watched or read any! Also, do you notice my "daily" photo hasn't changed since May 22?

Well, I just noticed that one. I'm chalking that up to technical problems. But had I been paying better attention, I would have known sooner.

I've figured out my problem. I read way too much of the internet every night. It'd be great if I got paid for it, but I don't. It helps that I can share what I'm reading with you easily with the AdaptiveBlue widget on the right, but I'm sure that's not exactly what you're here to see.

It's time to cut down. So I'm looking for help from you, dear readers. Help me pare down my bookmarks! I want to limit my daily reading to just ten (maybe fifteen) sites. I can wander through the rest of my bookmarks some other time.

I already have a few sites I look forward to reading everyday. They've already made the list. But there's room for more. What do you think are the best site for each of these categories:

1. News
2. Politics
3. Gossip
4. Tech/Gadgets
5. Just generally cool.

Thanks in advance! Unless you suggest Perez. Then I'm taking my gratitude back and punching you in the face.

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