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Things I found recently on the internet that made me feel bad:

Remember when I was complaining about how the ridiculous cattiness of girls never goes away?

It's so true. And insane.

Apparently, this is really old news, but there was an outbreak of silly junior high behavior on the US Women's Soccer Team.

Hope Solo was cranky after a loss in the World Cup. And she expressed her anger to a reporter.

What did her teammates do? I'm sure they said "Hey. Zip it. Suck it up and let's go. We've got another game to concentrate on."

Oh. No I guess I'm wrong. They did what any mature team would do and banned her from the third-place game. She wasn't even allowed to attend the medal ceremony. They wouldn't allow her to eat or even fly home with the team.

But the healing process hasn't been easy. Solo issued a formal public apology to Scurry and Ryan when she rejoined the team in St. Louis last October. But behind closed doors things only got worse. At a team meeting that Solo says had been billed as a first step forward, players took turns telling her how upset she'd made them. Solo wasn't allowed to play or train with the team during the tour, and only midfielder Carli Lloyd broke ranks to sit next to her on the bench, visit her in her room and join her for meals.
They banned her from the cool table at lunch! How much more juvenile can it get?

There is no hope for us, ladies!!!

Remember this couple?

Tyler Ziegel was in Iraq for the second time when he was incredibly disfigured in an attack by a suicide bomber. His fiancee, Renee, stayed with him until he was well enough to marry her.

The marriage didn't last a year.

“Nothing was ever really wrong. It just wasn’t right. Going into the marriage? I’d never been married before. I think we were okay. The wedding – it was so planned. There was this thing... ” He breaks off and gets up to retrieve the framed certificate. It’s from the state of Illinois declaring his wedding a state holiday. “To call something like that off...”
It sounds like they got caught up in the "You gotta get married!" machine. It's bad enough for regular folks, but can you imagine the pressure on these two?

Renee stuck in there longer than most young women would. Long enough that it surprised me that they dissolved their marriage so soon.

I guess it's not much different from a lot of marriages these days. Everyone seems to be so eager to rush in and then can't wait to get out.

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