Take a Look Around, Look What I Found


Things I found recently on the internet that made me feel good:

Lyle Lovett Sells Millions, Makes Nothing.

No, I'm not excited that Lovett hasn't made any money off sales. I'm sure he's getting screwed, and screwed hard. But he seems to be doing okay and that gives me ideas.

"The possibilities are very exciting, I think," Lovett told Billboard.com. "I've never made a dime from a record sale in the history of my record deal. I've been very happy with my sales, and certainly my audience has been very supportive. I make a living going out and playing shows."
If Lyle Lovett can be happy with the living he's making by playing shows, can't everyone? The music industry has to change.

I'm just saying this because I want iTunes to go subscription. I'd gladly pay a monthly fee to be able to download as much music as I want to. Make my dreams come true, people!

If I had a speaker at my high school graduation like Patton Oswalt, I mighta made something outta myself!

All of you have been given a harsh gift. It’s the same gift the graduating class of 1917, and 1938, and 1968 and now you guys got – the chance to enter adulthood when the world teeters on the rim of the sphincter of oblivion. You’re jumping into the deep end. You have no choice but to be exceptional.

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