I called my mom today so we could be sad together. Because, unfortunately, I'm not sure anyone else would understand what I was sad about.

My mother had a subscription to an art education magazine for her classes. And one of them intrigued me. There were pictures of these lush, green islands, surrounded by hot pink. Turns out, it was Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Surrounded Islands. I was amazed by the beauty and the idea of getting rid of the canvas. Who needs clay? Paint and mold the world.

As a team, the changed the landscape by wrapping whole buildings, and trees. They dotted miles of landscape with bits of color and used color to guide people. They wrapped monuments and made their own.

Jeanne-Claude died yesterday. And to know that half of that team is gone, well . . . it's just breaks my heart a little bit, I guess.

My mom understands.

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