Luxury Meals but I Keep It Casual


Somehow I got suckered into volunteering to help with the Diversity Potluck. You know . . . the potluck where you're supposed to bring a dish to share with the department. A dish that's been in your family for years and years and reflects your heritage.

And because nothing can go smoothly, nobody wants to share the dish with the whole department because there's H1N1 and the risk of people digging in with their fingers.

Things change and you're only sharing your dish with your team. Because you trust them. But if for some crazy reason you actually want to share with the whole department, one of the conference rooms was all done up for the event.

Which explains why I was standing on a table, dancing for money, in the conference room.

It doesn't? Well, I was helping with the decorating. And there were streamers. And I was standing on the table to get them up on the ceiling. And I did a little shimmy and asked for money while I was up there.

There was a CD playing with music from all over the world. When one song was playing, Valerie said "I know this song, too! Is it from 'The Love Boat?'"

Randy and I looked at each other. "Um. No."

"Yeah! Yeah it's from that show! I think. Maybe."

She continued trying to convince us as we continued to decorate. She looked at the liner notes and told us the name of the song as if it would jog our memory.

"No! It's from 'Soul Train!'"

Randy and I looked at each other. He raised an eyebrow and said "Yeah. I get those shows mixed up all the time."

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