Love is Like Laughter

The Boy

Dear Jackson,

I've been spending my time thinking about how crappy last year was for everyone I know. I've been so focused on divorce and job loss and illness when I should have realized what an awesome year you've had!

2009 was the year you learned how to talk. Oh man. Here I was all worried you were never going to talk and I'd always be trying to figure out what you meant when you were pointing and whining. Now, I'm not sure you'll ever be quiet! You always have something to say and demand attention immediately. "BEE! BEE!"

This was also the year you decided to quit with the diapers. And you've been very independent about it.

One day, at Mamo's, you very politely asked me to turn the bathroom light on for you. As soon as that was taken care of, you quickly ushered me out.

"Thanks, Bee. Thanks," you said as you nudged me out the door.

You have also discovered video games. Your daddy called me one day to tell me that you are obsessed with playing Mario 64 and that you are really good at it. I got a chance to check it out this weekend. You're certainly better than your daddy but I could smoke you!

You're still incredibly adorable. Everyone loves you. Everyone. Strangers recognize your awesomeness with a glance and fall in love. You're funny without even knowing it.

During your big birthday party Saturday night, your Grammy Monica asked what you wanted for your birthday dinner the next day. "More presents!"

Your big party must have really worn you out. You were asleep when I was taking a shower and when I left the bathroom, I found you right outside the door. You were mostly asleep on the floor with one leg tucked under you and twirling your hair. "Hi, Sir! Happy birthday!"

You whimpered a greeting and I picked you up. We hung out in the living room for awhile. Just you and I and silence.

I've always said you know a person is a true friend when you don't have to talk while together and you still feel like you're having a good time. I'm so happy to know that we're going to be friends.

Happy birthday!

Aunt Bee


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