She's Got a Way About Her


Dear Sophia,

Oh, my love. What a year it's been.

You and I looked through your baby book today and I was overwhelmed. Things are so different now. Sometimes I forget how much you've been through in a short four years.

I can't say it's been the best year of your life, but you've had fun!

This year, you've been blessed with yet another cousin! So now you're the leader of a pack of five and boy do you all keep your grandma busy! You're all really into movies; namely The Wizard of Oz, E.T., The Little Mermaid, and Labyrinth? Your mom caught you all dancing around singing "Slap that baby! Make him free!"

And when I say you're into The Little Mermaid, I mean you are the Little Mermaid. When you see Ariel, you proclaim "That's ME!"

This is the year that I found you, Sadie and LexiMo in the middle of the playroom floor, deep in concentration. "Um. What are you girls doing?"

"We're painting!" And you were. And not staying on the paper. With non-water soluble paints. That was a lovely carpet.

This year, walking back to that very same playroom, your momma heard you say "Don't let Mommy see!"

She walked in to find a room covered in a whole bottle of baby powder. "Girls! What are you doing???"

Sadie was the first to answer this time. "It's snowing, Momma!"

Maybe the best thing that's happened this year is school. When you first started pre-school you were very funny. You wouldn't tell us anything about it. It was as though since we weren't there, it was your little secret. I'd ask what you had done at school that day and you would turn your head a bit and purse your mouth in a little mischievous smile. What. A. Turd.

You're definitely an extreme kind of girl. You still astound me with how smart you are. You can be so sweet and loving and also so very naughty and mean. You can melt my heart with giggles and silliness and terrify me with your screams and shouts. There is no in-the-middle with you.

You seem well beyond your years and yet still so sweetly naive. You believe the adults around you know all the answers and that a new marriage can mend a broken heart.

Today you yelled "I AM AN ADULT!" Darling, you're far from it. And I wish you wouldn't rush yourself. There's nothing better than being a kid.

Why do you think I never grew up?

Happy Birthday!

Aunt Bee


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