And You Smell Like One, Too!

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Good Morning

Since I haven't had a birthday celebration with my grandparents, I'm counting everything through this weekend as part of my big day.

So that means when I got a phone call on Friday, it was still my birthday.

I got a phone call from my company's internal staffing. "I don't know if you've heard about this job, but your name has been mentioned as someone who would be a great fit."

I was surprised and flattered. I had no idea anyone had mentioned my name to anyone. I hadn't even been looking at other positions.

I interviewed for the position on Monday.

Today, they offered me the job.

Not only did they offer me the job, I would be getting a big raise, more vacation time and no Saturdays!!!

How could I turn that down?

I am feeling bad about it, though. I'll miss my banking center. I've been there long enough that I've gotten very comfortable. I know how to do my job. I know the customers and they know me.

With this new position, I won't have any of that. I'll be the new kid all over again.

I'll miss the people I work with. Even worse, they'll miss me!

We're pretty short, too. So it's a really bad time for me to be leaving the branch.

But it seems to never be a good time to leave. We're always short or something big is coming up.

I just felt like I couldn't pass on this. I'm nervous, sad and excited all at the same time.

And I'm still so surprised I was mentioned, let alone got the job!

I guess what I'm trying to say with this four-part borefest is that I've had a really good birthday this year.


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