I'm Not No Whipping Boy for You

KSU vs. Texas

This weekend, I went to the KSU vs Texas football game in Manhattan.

I hate Texas. But they're pretty unbeatable when it comes to football. I was assuming this game wasn't going to be much of anything. KSU hasn't been playing too well this year. I was planning on leaving in the third quarter.

And with as much as it appeared KSU wanted to win, it also seemed like they were trying really hard to lose. Several times they gave Texas the ball within the ten-yard line.

But, by some miracle, KSU made some beautiful plays and won 45-42. It was probably the best game I have ever attended. If not the best game, certainly the best third quarter!

You can see the few pictures I took here. I was jumping up and down too much to get any good ones.

The worst part of the game was that my dad and I were right beside the Texas band. I hope I never hear "I've Been Workin' on the Railroad" ever again. And I have never ever heard so much cowbell in all my life.

That ends the love I have for this clip:

Ah. What am I talkin' about? I could never quit loving "More cowbell!"

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