Just Like a Smoke Screen

Eat Cheese!

Jill is a lot like me in some ways.

I've mentioned before that I have a tendency to exaggerate. Apparently, Jill does, as well.

"The hugest bug ever just walked underneath my desk!" Jill was pretty freaked out.

Later she was even more crazed. "I HAVE A BITE ON MY ANKLE!!!"

"That bug was probably poisonous! You'll surely have a seizure soon!"

"That bug would have ripped my leg off! IT must have happened last night."

"Does it have white streaks? I think thats a sign of a spider bite."

"No. It's kinda hard to see, though. It's on the back of my ankle. After seeing that dinosaur-sized bug at my desk this morning, I'm concerned."

I tried to assure her she was fine, but ten minutes later, she was back with more bad news.

"There's a bite on my other ankle, too! It's bigger than the sun!"

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